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Crescent transforms stagnant company cash into earnings for growth with smart automations, one-click high yields, and earnings insights.

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Scale faster with responsible yields that earn you up to 100x more than your bank account.

*Compared to Wells Fargo, Chase Bank, and Bank of America via Bankrate as of 11/30/2021.


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Backed by a 100% track record from our lending partners.

Cash management, simplified.

With Crescent, businesses can unlock cash management strategies and yields previously reserved for large finance teams.
Crescent account dashboard

1.5-4% Yields Options

Competitive rates that help you boost your bottom line

Next Day Liquidity

Your cash flow will never
be compromised

Earn Interest in Crypto

Get interest paid in USD, USDC, Bitcoin, or Ethereum

No Fees or Minimums

Stop paying for account and management fees

Yield Aggregator

Always know the best rates. Deploy in seconds.

You deserve access to better rates for your treasury. Crescent aggregates the best yields across markets. Simply select your yield and deploy.

Your Company
Traditional Asset Yields
Digital Asset Yields

Crescent Yield Options

1.5% APY FDIC Insured
4% APY USDC-Backed
1.5% APY
Up to 4% APY
150% Overcollateralized Loans
Available to Everyone
Accredited Investors Only

Crescent Yield Options

1% APY FDIC Insured
1% APY
Zero Market Risk
FDIC Insured Coverage
Available to Everyone
4% APY USDC-Backed
Up to 4% APY
Low Market Risk
150% Over-collateralized Loans
Accredited Investors Only

Stop Raising. Start Earning.

The user interface of the Crescent dashboard.

4%+ APY

More income to add to your bottom line.

No Fees or Minimums

Don’t spend precious resources managing your balance sheet.

Withdraw Anytime

Your cash flow management will never be compromised.

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Earnings Insights

Found Earnings

Get personalized cash management recommendations that move the needle and can be deployed in minutes.

Growth card notifying user of a cash sweep oppourtunity foundGrowth card notifying user of idle cash found
Integrations & Automation

Integrate your stack. Automate your cashflow.

Connect your favorite tools and accounts. Optimize your cash management across your entire organization.

Schedule cash sweep card
Schedule Sweeps
Set recurring sweeps that follow your company's needs
Trigger, move funds, notify admins card.
Create Smart Rules
Build custom workflows for your capital across accounts
Financial suite tool integration card
Integrate Your Tools
Connect your favorite tools across your finance suite
See total cash at a glance card
See Cash At-A-Glance
Get a high level overview of your company's financial picture.
Schedule sweeps that automatically move idle funds to high yield opportunities—image of a sample scheduled sweep of $130,000.00 every Friday at 4:00pm.
Schedule Sweeps
Sweep funds on a regular schedule into higher yields.
Chart that shows the process of creating a new smart rule: set trigger amounts on cash accounts to deploy into higher yields, or maintain your preferred credit utilization with automatic transfers.
Create Smart Rules
Monitor accounts and deploy capital on autopilot.
Logos of examples of tools that can be integrated with Crescent including Ramp, Gusto, Quickbooks, Xero, and Brex.
Integrate Your Tools
Connect to your favorite tools into our  growing integration library.
A pie chart shows the distribution of cash across the entire financial suite:

TD Bank: $1,632,549.25

SVB: $574,728.43

SVB: $442,722.32

Total cash: $2.75M
See Cash At-A-Glance
See your cash at a glance across your entire financial suite.
Social Impact donation is subject to board discretion and the company meeting certain financial standards.

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Choose the yield option best-suited for your company’s needs. Deploy capital in seconds.


Earn and cash out instantly

Your balance is earning your company interest every second of every day.

How Crescent Works

Grow and manage cash reserves with the flexibility and security you need to run your business's finances.

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Built-in Compliance
and Security.

We partner with top financial experts and institutions to ensure security and compliance.


We bring bank-grade security to all accounts. Our partners meet stringent security requirements — including custom security protocols for select clients — to ensure your funds are kept safe.


Our trained teams constantly vet our risk management practices to ensure full financial compliance. We only support compliant yield offerings and ensure that all account activity remains compliant.

Your account balance with Crescent

2 years
4.0% APY
Your earnings in 2 years with Crescent
0.05% APY
Your earnings in 2 years with your old account

Old Account

Your earnings in 2 years with your old account
0.05% APY


Your earnings in 2 years with Crescent
4.0% APY
This calculator is indicative and for informational purposes only and is not a guarantee of actual interest that may be earned.

Our Partners

We partner with the most trusted, regulated financial institutions in the industry to streamline compliance and high yields for our clients.


Learn more about Crescent.
How does Crescent work?

Our proprietary technology aggregates the best yields across asset classes in a unified dashboard. Our smart automations allow your company to set up rules across your financial suite based on your needs to streamline your money movement with personalized insights on how you can improve cash management. While we don’t charge a management fee, Crescent earns money by taking a small interest rate from interest opportunities presented to clients.

What are the current yield options?

We currently have two yield opportunities (with more coming soon):

  • A 1.5% APY yield opportunity with zero market risk.
  • A 4% APY conservative debt security, backed by digital assets.
Who can use Crescent?

Our 4% APY yield offering is currently only available to accredited investors and institutions. Our 1.5% APY yield is available to all clients. We are actively working to make all of our products accessible to non-accredited individuals and businesses.

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