The Secret Behind Our Digital Asset Yields

Traditional treasury solutions are designed to keep your funds locked away, with fees and lending middlemen taking cuts along the way. Crescent gives you the security of a treasury, while giving you easy access to high yields. See for yourself:
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The Secret Behind Our Ridiculously High Yields

Here’s how we make your money make you money — earning you more on your idle cash.
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Here’s How We Do It:

We connect our users to leading lending platforms through our app. The set-up will look like a savings account but *pinky promise* it’s not.
This is where the magic begins.

You Add the Funds. We Get to Work.

When you invest in our 4% yield option, your USD is automatically converted into U.S. Dollar Coins (USDC)—that’s a type of cryptocurrency that’s incredibly stable since it’s pegged to the U.S. dollar, thus less risky—so we can put your money to work right away.

Your USDC is Lent at a Better Rate.

Our partners lend your USDC to well-vetted, diversified institutions that have strict credit eligibility and collateral requirements. All loans are 150% collateralized with multiple layers of protection.

Translation: we lend out your money to people who want the efficiency of crypto loans and are willing to pay you a fantastic rate.
We’re giving you crypto yields, without the crypto headache.
So long, savings accounts!

You Score Earnings, Every Second.

The high demand for USDC in the crypto credit markets translates to higher interest rates, which Crescent compounds every second and passes back to users in real time.

*Cut to: sometime in the near distant future.* Savings accounts are obsolete, and you helped us get there. Look at you go!

No Holding Periods, Period.

We believe in putting your money to work while maintaining flexibility. Your dollars are available (as USD) to withdraw anytime after settlement with no lock-ins. Next level liquidity: unlocked.
Withdraw, whenever, wherever.

Safety is Our Middle Name

Learn how we’re minimizing risk at Crescent.
Is my money safe with Crescent?

Yes. All assets deposited in Crescent are lent out in partnership with trusted and regulated institutions. All loans are overcollateralized or "covered", meaning our partners hold additional reserves (150% of the principal) that protects your principal deposit value.

How secure is Crescent?

Safety and security is our top priority for customers. Our team works hard to make sure all information and transactions are as secure as possible.

At the account level, we encrypt all user data using the AES-256 standard and protect accounts at the highest level with a personal PIN number and two-factor authentication (2FA). This ensures that access to your account is as secure as other finance and payment apps such as Venmo or Robinhood. For additional user safety, we stick to stringent KYC standards to avoid fraudulent users and regularly audit activity on the app to flag suspicious behavior.

On the account side, we manage all bank connections securely with Plaid, the industry leader in bank integrations. Whenever you add a bank account or card to Crescent, Plaid facilitates the connection through its secure servers. This is the same banking integration used by hundreds of financial services including Venmo and American Express.

What are the risks?

Risk to Principal:

While other firms loan your funds to other parties to generate yield, Crescent does not use, loan, hypothecate, pledge, or invest your funds. That means you will have continuing financial access to the funds you deposit, regardless of Crescent’s ability to meet its obligations to pay interest.

Risk to Interest Payments:

Your right to interest payments are subject to the risk that Crescent cannot meet its financial obligations under the Crescent Save Terms of Use. However, unlike many of our competitors, your ability to receive interest is not affected by the financial condition of third parties because your funds are not loaned or pledged to them in anyway.

Technology and Security Risks:

Your funds will be securely custodied by Prime Trust, LLC, which is a Nevada chartered trust company subject to regulatory and financial reporting requirements. Prime Trust, LLC is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified and at least 50% of their engineering team is dedicated to security and risk management.

Are rates guaranteed?

Crescent is not a bank and interest payments are solely an obligation of Crescent. Rates are subject to modification, restriction, or discontinuation at Crescent’s discretion. However, you will be notified in advance of any change in rates as consistent with the Crescent Save Terms of Use.

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ page or drop us a line.