About Us

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Crescent was designed to empower startups, businesses, and individuals to get where they’re headed faster.
We've built a simple, powerful, and responsible investing platform that helps hard-working people build wealth faster than traditional banks, so they can achieve their financial goals and leave their mark on the world.

We may be a little biased, but we’re assembling the best minds in the world with diverse backgrounds who can make this vision a reality.

Our Team

We are a diverse and passionate team of experts and problem solvers.
Kathryn, Creative Lead
Developing communication strategies
to reach current and potential clients, sharing the power of our unique financial approach to the businesses and startups we want to see flourish.
Joe, CTO
We enable our customers to leverage a new generation of high-tech financial products.
Yaw, Senior Software Engineer
We simplify complex financial products making them accessible to our users.
Grant, CEO & Founder
We’re building the best team to create the financial operating system of the next generation. Powered by digital assets, built by Crescent.
Jacob, Head of Product
We are envisioning and building tools to help everyday businesses and people to take advantage of a new financial system built on crypto rails.
Khiana, Growth Strategist
My financial background allows me to share Crescent’s new yield solutions with experts and non-experts, helping propel business and personal financial growth.
Landon, Head of Growth & Marketing
We’re creating the kind of experience we’ve all been craving from fintech — one that blends the world of high performance tech with personal touch and delight.
Casey, Compliance & Legal
I leverage my experience advising high-growth tech companies on securities and corporate law to ensure regulatory compliance and accelerate growth.

Explore the values that make our team next-level.

Be Client Obsessed

We build deep relationships, go the extra mile, and relentlessly improve our services. We understand we’re nothing without clients and strive to delight clients and provide impact.

1% Better Everyday

We have a growth mindset to improve every day. We understand small actions, completed daily, compound into big results. Consistency creates momentum.

Act Like An Owner

We each take responsibility to achieve our goals and push our company’s vision. Decisions are made through the lens of propelling the team and company forward, not oneself.

Think Big

We build towards the future we believe should exist. We think big, challenge the status quo and default to action.