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How Crescent Keeps Your Funds Safe and Secure


November 12, 2022

Our stance on safety and security

In the wake of this week’s crypto liquidity crisis, we wanted to share our stance on safety and fund security. Firstly, Crescent and its yield partners have not had any exposure to the parties involved in this week’s crisis (e.g. FTX). Customer and business operations continue to operate as normal.

Since Crescent was founded, our role has been to serve as a bridge for customers into top yield and investment opportunities across asset classes. As a technology company, it is important to know that Crescent does not ever directly custody, manage, or lend customer funds. Funds are held at trusted, regulated partner banks, brokers, and custodians, and transparently listed by Crescent.

Additionally, we continue to only partner with the nation’s most trustworthy institutions for traditional or digital asset offerings. This includes our partnership with the only federally regulated, OCC-chartered crypto bank, Anchorage Digital — which is directly subject to the scrutiny of the US government and its regulatory bodies.

Customer safety and security has been Crescent’s top priority from day one. It is at the core of our goal to bring the best that hybrid finance offers to the world — a goal built on a deep layer of trust.

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