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Introducing Crescent Cash

We’re excited to launch Crescent Cash, a better way for businesses to protect idle capital with access to up to $75M in FDIC eligibility and 3.75% APY.


March 23, 2023

Introducing Crescent Cash: Better Protection. Great Yields. No Compromises.

We’re excited to launch Crescent Cash, a better way for businesses to protect idle capital with access to over $75M in FDIC eligibility and 3.75% APY.

In the weeks following the collapse of SVB, Silvergate, and Signature Bank, business leaders have been forced to re-evaluate their approach to treasury management, capital preservation, and concentration risk for banking services. One of their biggest areas of concern: the overall lack of FDIC insurance available to businesses relative to their overall cash balance.

We are excited to announce Crescent Cash, a deposit account that offers all businesses a better way to protect their funds with to over $75M in available FDIC insurance while earning 3.75% APY on idle capital. Unprecedented protection, meets competitive earnings.

Access over $75M in FDIC Insurance.

A traditional bank account gives you access to $250k in FDIC coverage — not nearly enough coverage for most businesses and startups. Crescent Cash spreads your deposits across a sweep network of over 300 banks, saving you time by eliminating the need to open or manage multiple bank accounts.

Your funds are automatically split up so they never exceed the $250K FDIC limit, giving you combined access to over $75 million dollars of coverage. With Crescent Cash, every dollar at your company is protected.

Earn 3.75% APY while you safe-harbor funds.

We created Crescent Cash with safety and performance in mind. All businesses can earn 3.75% APY on idle capital with no market risk. Simply deposit funds via ACH or wire and you will automatically start earning.

While other accounts pay pennies in terms of interest on your hard-earned business cash, Crescent utilizes its sweep network to help source higher yields to help you earn more while keeping your funds safe and secure.

In short, we don’t think safety and earnings are mutually exclusive.

Access your funds in as little as 2 days.

We built Crescent Cash to help make liquidity anxiety disappear. Get access to your capital within as little as 2 days. Crescent helps you earn and protect cash while ensuring you always have access to your capital.

We think it’s pretty amazing, and we’re already exploring ways to improve liquidity even further. Stay tuned.

Transform idle cash into earnings for growth.

At Crescent, our goal is simple: help businesses take their capital further by building better treasury management tools and automations that transform your finance team into your secret weapon for growth.

Crescent Cash gives businesses access to 300x more FDIC coverage, with 3.75% APY. No more sacrificing earnings for safety. No more concentration risk nightmares. No more liquidity headaches. More features are on the way including next-day liquidity, improved ACH support, and deeper reporting.

Ready to try it out? Learn more and sign up for Crescent today.

👀 ICYMI: We’ve launched U.S. Treasuries on Crescent — and we’re just getting started.

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