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Introducing Crescent for Business

Crescent for business is the cash management tool that's the best way for companies to take idle cash further while protecting their most valuable assets: time and money.

Grant Roscoe

July 5, 2022

We are excited to announce Crescent for Business, the easiest way for companies to take idle cash further while protecting their most valuable assets: time and money.

Business earnings and treasury products desperately need an upgrade.

For years, businesses have been stuck in a lose-lose-lose situation when it comes to putting idle funds to work. They’re generally stuck between:

  • Moving funds into an underperforming money market (avg. rate of 0.08% APY) or business savings account (avg. rate of 0.07% APY)
  • Undergoing the intensive process of hiring an advisor or in-house finance officer to create an investment portfolio, with higher risk and hefty costs
  • Locking funds into fixed-term investments for months with limited access and liquidity

With uncertain market conditions and inflation reducing the buying power of company treasuries, finance teams are left searching for answers to hard questions: Where should I put my company’s treasury right now? How can I retain liquidity in the event that the business needs it? How do I earn yield without introducing irresponsible risk? How will new yield solutions fit into my existing financial stack?

The larger the treasury, the larger the problem finance teams have to grapple with — which can hamper your company’s ability to leverage its capital for growth.

Inaction is the decision many business leaders will make. However, in an economic environment where money is more expensive and fundraising is more competitive, those leaders are missing out on a vital low-risk opportunity to extend their runway and maximize potential outcomes.

That’s why we built a solution to help you easily grow and manage cash reserves with the flexibility and security you need to run your business's finances. Our goal: offer the best yields available and reduce cash management complexity.

Crescent is more powerful than the traditional approach of “shopping” for yields across institutions and creating financial stack clutter across multiple accounts.

With Crescent, companies can now easily deploy idle capital into high yields that suit their needs. We currently offer a 1% APY yield or a 4% APY USDC-Backed Yield opportunity. Choose one, or balance your portfolio by allocating percentages to both.

Yields are earned in real-time and paid out instantly. Full liquidity means you have absolute control over how you use your funds, with next-day withdrawals. We also have no hidden account or management fees mean, which means more capital for you to reinvest into your company.

Finance teams used to shop for higher interest rates. Now, Crescent is the “one-click” aggregator for business-friendly yields. We find top rates across traditional and digital asset classes and pair them with earnings insights and strategies that help you leverage existing capital better.

Earnings Insights and Smart Automations that complement your financial suite.

At Crescent, we’re building a platform to supercharge companies’ cash management; an ambition that we believe doesn’t stop at better yields and rate transparency. That’s why we’re also excited to announce Earnings Insights and Smart Automation, two tools that take your earning potential even further.

With Earnings Insights, Crescent analyzes cash-flow activity across all streams and generates personalized insights on how you can improve cash management optimization: the maximal level of efficiency for risk-adjusted capital deployment.

Smart Automations unlock cash management strategies that small finance teams only ever dreamed of. Set up rules across your entire financial suite based on your needs in seconds. Automatically move capital with rules, set trigger amounts on cash accounts to deploy into higher yields, or maintain your preferred credit utilization with automatic transfers.

Earn more, save time, and take your company further.

At Crescent, our goal is simple — build finance management tools that help businesses earn more, save time, and take their company further. Yield is our first step in this journey.

Thanks for reading. We hope you give us a try. Get early access here. If you have any questions about Crescent, feel free to reach out to us at

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